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Thermal imaging is a useful tool for finding problems you can’t see with the naked eye. We’ll use cutting-edge thermal imaging technology to help detect a potential mold problem.

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You can’t always easily see a mold issue. Mold often grows in hidden places like vents and crawl spaces, which means that it may go undetected for a long time. You can, however, find and address a hidden mold problem by getting a thermal imaging home inspection. Thermal imaging is used to detect changes in heat, which means it’s useful for finding issues that aren’t obvious to the naked eye—such as hidden areas of mold growth or water intrusion. At Moldxperts NJ, we’re prepared to provide clients near Margate City, NJ, with thermal imaging inspection services.

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When you get a thermal imaging scan from us, you’ll receive thorough inspection services from experts who will use cutting-edge technology to help detect potential problems. Our professionals will provide you with thorough services and detailed reports; we have a deep understanding of the regulatory concerns related to mold and indoor air quality testing, and will use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you get the assistance you need.

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In addition to our thermal imaging home inspection services, we can provide additional services—such as identifying potential red flag areas, testing air samples, and even providing expert witness testimony during litigation. Contact us today if you’re near Margate City, NJ, to learn more.

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