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You shouldn’t have to worry about mold on your property. Our certified professionals can provide you with mold testing, helping you to identify and address a mold issue.

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Determining if you have a mold problem in your building is important, but it can also be difficult to do without professional assistance. Our professional mold testing company is ready to provide residential and commercial clients throughout Margate City, NJ, and the surrounding areas with outstanding services. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and leveraging our decades of experience, we can ensure you get the assistance you need.

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Understand Mold Testing

Getting mold testing is incredibly important if you want to avoid potential health problems. Mold can cause a range of health-related concerns, including sneezing, coughing, headaches, and fatigue. All of these can be worsened by existing mold allergies, so it’s important to find and address a mold problem quickly. In addition, getting testing preemptively can help you save money on remediation; even if you do have a mold problem, remediation isn’t necessary under every circumstance, and testing can help you better determine whether remediation is required.

There are three main types of professional mold testing:

  • Air Sample Testing: As the name implies, this is where professionals will take air samples from both inside and outside the building, and then test and compare the two.
  • Lift Tape Sample Testing: This type of testing involves placing a specialized type of tape on any surfaces you want to be tested. Once the tape’s removed it’ll be placed on a sterilized glass slide and sealed; from there, it’ll be taken back to a lab and carefully examined under a microscope.
  • Swab Sample Testing: This type of testing involves swiping a soft swab over a surface, then taking the swab back to a lab for testing.

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In order to make sure you get the best mold testing services possible, we’ll provide you with a full visual inspection, take both air and surface samples, and use thermal imaging equipment to detect potentially hidden issues. All our samples are tested in an AIHA Accredited lab. Once we’ve gotten the results back, we’ll provide you with a report that will detail both our findings and how to address a mold problem.

Our experts can provide mold testing for residential and commercial buildings—and can even provide testing for yachts! Consider reaching out if you’re near Margate City, NJ, to learn more.

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