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Poor indoor air quality can result in potentially serious health issues. Our testing services are designed to help you determine if there’s a potential problem and give you peace of mind.

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Vents, crawlspaces, and other dark, humid areas can be breeding grounds for mold. Mold spores in the air can lower your indoor air quality and cause potential health concerns for anyone in the building. At Moldxperts NJ, we can provide you with an air quality test for your home or business in Margate City, NJ. Our indoor air quality testing services are designed to be incredibly thorough so that you can rest easy.

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Why Get an Air Quality Inspection?

Having good indoor air quality is important since it can affect your overall health. Our indoor air quality testing services are designed to determine if there are mold spores in the air and how severe the problem is. By getting testing services, you can figure out a plan of action to address the problem and protect your health.

You’ll likely want to get indoor air quality testing if you notice people are starting to experience allergy symptoms or other health problems while in the building. In addition, it can be beneficial to get testing if people with serious allergies frequent the building, if you’re planning on buying or selling a property, or if the building recently sustained water damage. You’ll want to get testing done by an accredited and insured Third-Party Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) since they can provide you with an unbiased and accurate report.

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